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Ivan Nenov (1902-1997)
Голо тяло
Material / Techique: Pencil, Na
Period: 1982
Initial price: 900 BGN
Sold: 900 BGN
Boyan Raynov (1921-2005)
Голо тяло
Material / Techique: Litography
Initial price: 700 BGN
Not sold
Tsviatko Dimchevski (1909 - 1991)
Material / Techique: Oil painting, На
Initial price: 1200 BGN
Not sold
Elisaveta Konsulova-Vazova (1881-1965)
Material / Techique: На, Oil painting
Period: 1947
Initial price: 850 BGN
Sold: 850 BGN
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